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Class UriMatcher

  extended by android.content.UriMatcher

public class UriMatcher
extends Object

Utility class to aid in matching URIs in content providers.

To use this class, build up a tree of UriMatcher objects. Typically, it looks something like this:

    private static final int PEOPLE = 1;
    private static final int PEOPLE_ID = 2;
    private static final int PEOPLE_PHONES = 3;
    private static final int PEOPLE_PHONES_ID = 4;
    private static final int PEOPLE_CONTACTMETHODS = 7;
    private static final int PEOPLE_CONTACTMETHODS_ID = 8;

    private static final int DELETED_PEOPLE = 20;

    private static final int PHONES = 9;
    private static final int PHONES_ID = 10;
    private static final int PHONES_FILTER = 14;

    private static final int CONTACTMETHODS = 18;
    private static final int CONTACTMETHODS_ID = 19;

    private static final int CALLS = 11;
    private static final int CALLS_ID = 12;
    private static final int CALLS_FILTER = 15;

    private static final UriMatcher sURIMatcher = new UriMatcher();

        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/people", PEOPLE);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/people/#", PEOPLE_ID);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/people/#/phones", PEOPLE_PHONES);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/people/#/phones/#", PEOPLE_PHONES_ID);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/people/#/contact_methods", PEOPLE_CONTACTMETHODS);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/people/#/contact_methods/#", PEOPLE_CONTACTMETHODS_ID);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/deleted_people", DELETED_PEOPLE);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/phones", PHONES);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/phones/filter/*", PHONES_FILTER);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/phones/#", PHONES_ID);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/contact_methods", CONTACTMETHODS);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("contacts", "/contact_methods/#", CONTACTMETHODS_ID);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("call_log", "/calls", CALLS);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("call_log", "/calls/filter/*", CALLS_FILTER);
        sURIMatcher.addURI("call_log", "/calls/#", CALLS_ID);

Then when you need to match match against a URI, call match(, providing the tokenized url you've been given, and the value you want if there isn't a match. You can use the result to build a query, return a type, insert or delete a row, or whatever you need, without duplicating all of the if-else logic you'd otherwise need. Like this:

    public String getType(String[] url)
        int match = sURIMatcher.match(url, NO_MATCH);
        switch (match)
            case PEOPLE:
                return "";
            case PEOPLE_ID:
                return "";
... snip ...
                return "";
            case PEOPLE_ADDRESS_ID:
                return "";
                return null;
instead of
    public String getType(String[] url)
        if (url.length >= 2) {
            if (url[1].equals("people")) {
                if (url.length == 2) {
                    return "";
                } else if (url.length == 3) {
                    return "";
... snip ...
                    return "";
                } else if (url.length == 3) {
                    return "";
        return null;

Field Summary
static int NO_MATCH
(package private) static Pattern PATH_SPLIT_PATTERN
Constructor Summary
UriMatcher(int code)
          Creates the root node of the URI tree.
Method Summary
 void addURI(String authority, String path, int code)
          Add a URI to match, and the code to return when this URI is matched.
 int match(Uri uri)
          Try to match against the path in a url.
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Field Detail


public static final int NO_MATCH
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Constant Field Values


static final Pattern PATH_SPLIT_PATTERN
Constructor Detail


public UriMatcher(int code)
Creates the root node of the URI tree.

code - the code to match for the root URI
Method Detail


public void addURI(String authority,
                   String path,
                   int code)
Add a URI to match, and the code to return when this URI is matched. URI nodes may be exact match string, the token "*" that matches any text, or the token "#" that matches only numbers.

authority - the authority to match
path - the path to match. * may be used as a wild card for any text, and # may be used as a wild card for numbers.
code - the code that is returned when a URI is matched against the given components. Must be positive.


public int match(Uri uri)
Try to match against the path in a url.

uri - The url whose path we will match against.
The code for the matched node (added using addURI), or -1 if there is no matched node.

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