Build 1.0_r1(from source)

Class DdmHandleExit

  extended by org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.ChunkHandler
      extended by android.ddm.DdmHandleExit

public class DdmHandleExit
extends org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.ChunkHandler

Handle an EXIT chunk.

Field Summary
static int CHUNK_EXIT
Fields inherited from class org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.ChunkHandler
Method Summary
 void connected()
          Called when the DDM server connects.
 void disconnected()
          Called when the DDM server disconnects.
 org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.Chunk handleChunk(org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.Chunk request)
          Handle a chunk of data.
static void register()
          Register for the messages we're interested in.
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Field Detail


public static final int CHUNK_EXIT
Method Detail


public static void register()
Register for the messages we're interested in.


public void connected()
Called when the DDM server connects. The handler is allowed to send messages to the server.

Specified by:
connected in class org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.ChunkHandler


public void disconnected()
Called when the DDM server disconnects. Can be used to disable periodic transmissions or clean up saved state.

Specified by:
disconnected in class org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.ChunkHandler


public org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.Chunk handleChunk(org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.Chunk request)
Handle a chunk of data. We're only registered for "EXIT".

Specified by:
handleChunk in class org.apache.harmony.dalvik.ddmc.ChunkHandler

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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