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Class PathDashPathEffect

  extended by
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public class PathDashPathEffect
extends PathEffect

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static class PathDashPathEffect.Style
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PathDashPathEffect(Path shape, float advance, float phase, PathDashPathEffect.Style style)
          Dash the drawn path by stamping it with the specified shape.
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Constructor Detail


public PathDashPathEffect(Path shape,
                          float advance,
                          float phase,
                          PathDashPathEffect.Style style)
Dash the drawn path by stamping it with the specified shape. This only applies to drawings when the paint's style is STROKE or STROKE_AND_FILL. If the paint's style is FILL, then this effect is ignored. The paint's strokeWidth does not affect the results.

shape - The path to stamp along
advance - spacing between each stamp of shape
phase - amount to offset before the first shape is stamped
style - how to transform the shape at each position as it is stamped

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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