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Class PaintDrawable

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public class PaintDrawable
extends ShapeDrawable

Drawable that draws its bounds in the given paint, with optional rounded corners.

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ShapeDrawable.ShaderFactory, ShapeDrawable.ShapeState
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Drawable.Callback, Drawable.ConstantState
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Constructor Summary
PaintDrawable(int color)
Method Summary
protected  boolean inflateTag(String name, Resources r, XmlPullParser parser, AttributeSet attrs)
          Subclasses override this to parse custom subelements.
 void setCornerRadii(float[] radii)
          Specify radii for each of the 4 corners.
 void setCornerRadius(float radius)
          Specify radius for the corners of the rectangle.
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draw, getChangingConfigurations, getConstantState, getIntrinsicHeight, getIntrinsicWidth, getOpacity, getPadding, getPaint, getShaderFactory, getShape, inflate, onBoundsChange, onDraw, setAlpha, setColorFilter, setDither, setIntrinsicHeight, setIntrinsicWidth, setPadding, setPadding, setShaderFactory, setShape
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Constructor Detail


public PaintDrawable()


public PaintDrawable(int color)
Method Detail


public void setCornerRadius(float radius)
Specify radius for the corners of the rectangle. If this is > 0, then the drawable is drawn in a round-rectangle, rather than a rectangle.

radius - the radius for the corners of the rectangle


public void setCornerRadii(float[] radii)
Specify radii for each of the 4 corners. For each corner, the array contains 2 values, [X_radius, Y_radius]. The corners are ordered top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left

radii - the x and y radii of the corners


protected boolean inflateTag(String name,
                             Resources r,
                             XmlPullParser parser,
                             AttributeSet attrs)
Description copied from class: ShapeDrawable
Subclasses override this to parse custom subelements. If you handle it, return true, else return super.inflateTag(...).

inflateTag in class ShapeDrawable

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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