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Class ShapeDrawable.ShaderFactory

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public abstract static class ShapeDrawable.ShaderFactory
extends Object

Base class defines a factory object that is called each time the drawable is resized (has a new width or height). Its resize() method returns a corresponding shader, or null. Implement this class if you'd like your ShapeDrawable to use a special Shader, such as a LinearGradient.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Shader resize(int width, int height)
          Returns the Shader to be drawn when a Drawable is drawn.
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Constructor Detail


public ShapeDrawable.ShaderFactory()
Method Detail


public abstract Shader resize(int width,
                              int height)
Returns the Shader to be drawn when a Drawable is drawn. The dimensions of the Drawable are passed because they may be needed to adjust how the Shader is configured for drawing. This is called by ShapeDrawable.setShape().

width - the width of the Drawable being drawn
height - the heigh of the Drawable being drawn
the Shader to be drawn

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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