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Class Im

  extended by android.provider.Im

public class Im
extends Object

The IM provider stores all information about roster contacts, chat messages, presence, etc.

Nested Class Summary
static class Im.Account
          This table contains the IM accounts.
static interface Im.AccountColumns
          The columns for IM accounts.
static class Im.Avatars
          This table contains avatars.
static interface Im.AvatarsColumns
          Columns from the Avatars table
static interface Im.BaseMessageColumns
          The common columns for both one-to-one chat messages or group chat messages.
static class Im.BlockedList
          This table contains blocked lists
static interface Im.BlockedListColumns
          Columns from the BlockedList table.
static class Im.Chats
          Contains ongoing chat sessions.
static interface Im.ChatsColumns
          Columns from the Chats table.
(package private) static interface Im.CommonPresenceColumns
          Columns shared between the IM and contacts presence tables
static class Im.ContactList
          This table contains the contact lists.
static interface Im.ContactListColumns
          Columns from the ContactList table.
static class Im.Contacts
          This table contains contacts.
static interface Im.ContactsColumns
          Columns from the Contacts table.
static class Im.ContactsEtag
static interface Im.ContactsEtagColumns
          Columns from the contactsEtag table
static interface Im.GroupMemberColumns
          Columns for the GroupMember table.
static class Im.GroupMembers
static interface Im.GroupMessageColumns
          Columns from the GroupMessages table
static class Im.GroupMessages
          This table contains group messages.
static class Im.Invitation
          This table contains the invitations received from others.
static interface Im.InvitationColumns
          Columns from the Invitation table.
static class Im.LastRmqId
          The table for storing the last client rmq id sent to the server.
static interface Im.LastRmqIdColumns
          Columns for the LastRmqId table, which stores a single row for the last client rmq id sent to the server.
static class Im.Messages
          This table contains messages.
static interface Im.MessagesColumns
          Columns from the Messages table.
static interface Im.MessageType
          Message type definition
static class Im.OutgoingRmq
          The table for storing outgoing rmq packets.
static interface Im.OutgoingRmqColumns
          Columns from OutgoingRmq table
static class Im.Presence
          Contains presence infomation for contacts.
static interface Im.PresenceColumns
          Columns from the Presence table.
static class Im.Provider
          This table contains the IM providers
static interface Im.ProviderCategories
          The ProviderCategories definitions are used for the Intent category for the Intent Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SENDTO, Uri.fromParts("im", data, null)).
static interface Im.ProviderColumns
          The Columns for IM providers (i.e.
static interface Im.ProviderNames
          Known names corresponding to the Im.ProviderColumns.NAME column
static class Im.ProviderSettings
static interface Im.ProviderSettingsColumns
          Columns from ProviderSettings table
static class Im.SessionCookies
          Contains IMPS session cookies.
static interface Im.SessionCookiesColumns
          Columns from session cookies table.
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Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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