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Class Telephony

  extended by android.provider.Telephony

public final class Telephony
extends Object

The Telephony provider contains data related to phone operation.

Nested Class Summary
static interface Telephony.BaseMmsColumns
          Base columns for tables that contain MMSs.
static interface Telephony.CanonicalAddressesColumns
          Columns for the "canonical_addresses" table used by MMS and SMS."
static class Telephony.Carriers
static class Telephony.Intents
static class Telephony.Mms
          Contains all MMS messages.
static class Telephony.MmsSms
          Contains all MMS and SMS messages.
static class Telephony.Sms
          Contains all text based SMS messages.
static interface Telephony.TextBasedSmsColumns
          Base columns for tables that contain text based SMSs.
static class Telephony.Threads
          Helper functions for the "threads" table used by MMS and SMS.
static interface Telephony.ThreadsColumns
          Columns for the "threads" table used by MMS and SMS.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public Telephony()

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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