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Class TestPrinter

  extended by android.test.TestPrinter
All Implemented Interfaces:
TestRunner.Listener, TestListener

public class TestPrinter
extends Object
implements TestRunner.Listener, TestListener

Prints the test progress to stdout. Android includes a default implementation and calls these methods to print out test progress; you probably will not need to create or extend this class or call its methods manually. See the full android.test package description for information about getting test results. Not needed for 1.0 SDK.

Constructor Summary
TestPrinter(String tag, boolean onlyFailures)
Method Summary
 void addError(Test test, Throwable t)
          An error occurred.
 void addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError t)
          A failure occurred.
 void endTest(Test test)
          A test ended.
 void failed(String className, Throwable exception)
 void finished(String className)
 void passed(String className)
 void performance(String className, long itemTimeNS, int iterations, List<TestRunner.IntermediateTime> intermediates)
 void started(String className)
 void startTest(Test test)
          A test started.
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Constructor Detail


public TestPrinter(String tag,
                   boolean onlyFailures)
Method Detail


public void started(String className)
Specified by:
started in interface TestRunner.Listener


public void finished(String className)
Specified by:
finished in interface TestRunner.Listener


public void performance(String className,
                        long itemTimeNS,
                        int iterations,
                        List<TestRunner.IntermediateTime> intermediates)
Specified by:
performance in interface TestRunner.Listener


public void passed(String className)
Specified by:
passed in interface TestRunner.Listener


public void failed(String className,
                   Throwable exception)
Specified by:
failed in interface TestRunner.Listener


public void addError(Test test,
                     Throwable t)
Description copied from interface: TestListener
An error occurred.

Specified by:
addError in interface TestListener


public void addFailure(Test test,
                       AssertionFailedError t)
Description copied from interface: TestListener
A failure occurred.

Specified by:
addFailure in interface TestListener


public void endTest(Test test)
Description copied from interface: TestListener
A test ended.

Specified by:
endTest in interface TestListener


public void startTest(Test test)
Description copied from interface: TestListener
A test started.

Specified by:
startTest in interface TestListener

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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