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Interface View.OnKeyListener

Enclosing class:

public static interface View.OnKeyListener

Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a key event is dispatched to this view. The callback will be invoked before the key event is given to the view.

Method Summary
 boolean onKey(View v, int keyCode, KeyEvent event)
          Called when a key is dispatched to a view.

Method Detail


boolean onKey(View v,
              int keyCode,
              KeyEvent event)
Called when a key is dispatched to a view. This allows listeners to get a chance to respond before the target view.

v - The view the key has been dispatched to.
keyCode - The code for the physical key that was pressed
event - The KeyEvent object containing full information about the event.
True if the listener has consumed the event, false otherwise.

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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