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Class DesktopAndroid

  extended by android.webkit.gears.DesktopAndroid

public class DesktopAndroid
extends Object

Utility class to create a shortcut on Android

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void setShortcut(WebView webview, String title, String url, String imagePath)
          Create a shortcut for a webpage.
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Constructor Detail


public DesktopAndroid()
Method Detail


public static void setShortcut(WebView webview,
                               String title,
                               String url,
                               String imagePath)
Create a shortcut for a webpage.

To set a shortcut on Android, we use the ACTION_INSTALL_SHORTCUT from the default Home application. We only have to create an Intent containing extra parameters specifying the shortcut.

Note: the shortcut mechanism is not system wide and depends on the Home application; if phone carriers decide to rewrite a Home application that does not accept this Intent, no shortcut will be added.

webview - the webview we are called from
title - the shortcut's title
url - the shortcut's url
imagePath - the local path of the shortcut's icon

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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