Build 1.0_r1(from source)

Class HtmlDialogAndroid

  extended by android.webkit.gears.HtmlDialogAndroid

public class HtmlDialogAndroid
extends Object

Utility class to call a modal HTML dialog on Android

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static boolean bindToService(Context context, ServiceConnection serviceConnection)
          Bind to the GearsDialogService.
 String readHTML(String filePath)
          Read the HTML content from the disk
static void setGearsDialogService(IGearsDialogService service)
 String showDialog(Context context, String htmlFilePath, String arguments)
          Open an HTML dialog synchronously and waits for its completion.
 void synchronousBindToService(Context context)
          Bind to the GearsDialogService synchronously.
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Constructor Detail


public HtmlDialogAndroid()
Method Detail


public static void setGearsDialogService(IGearsDialogService service)


public static boolean bindToService(Context context,
                                    ServiceConnection serviceConnection)
Bind to the GearsDialogService.


public void synchronousBindToService(Context context)
Bind to the GearsDialogService synchronously. The service is started using our own defaultServiceConnection handler, and we wait until the handler notifies us.


public String readHTML(String filePath)
Read the HTML content from the disk


public String showDialog(Context context,
                         String htmlFilePath,
                         String arguments)
Open an HTML dialog synchronously and waits for its completion. The dialog is accessed through the GearsDialogService provided by the Android Browser. We can be called either directly, and then gearsDialogService will not be set and we will bind to the service synchronously, and unbind after calling the service, or called indirectly via GearsPluginSettings. In the latter case, GearsPluginSettings does the binding/unbinding.

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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