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Class DoubleDigitManager

  extended by android.widget.DoubleDigitManager

 class DoubleDigitManager
extends Object

Provides callbacks indicating the steps in two digit pressing within a timeout. Package private: only relevant in helping TimeSpinnerHelper.

Nested Class Summary
(package private) static interface DoubleDigitManager.CallBack
          The callback to indicate what is going on with the digits pressed.
Constructor Summary
DoubleDigitManager(long timeoutInMillis, DoubleDigitManager.CallBack callBack)
Method Summary
 void reportDigit(int digit)
          Report to this manager that a digit was pressed.
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Constructor Detail


public DoubleDigitManager(long timeoutInMillis,
                          DoubleDigitManager.CallBack callBack)
timeoutInMillis - How long after the first digit is pressed does the user have to press the second digit?
callBack - The callback to indicate what's going on with the user.
Method Detail


public void reportDigit(int digit)
Report to this manager that a digit was pressed.

digit -

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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