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Interface Readable

All Known Implementing Classes:
BufferedReader, CharArrayBuffer, CharArrayReader, CharBuffer, CharSequenceAdapter, CharToByteBufferAdapter, FileReader, FilterReader, InputStreamReader, LineNumberReader, PipedReader, PushbackReader, Reader, ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer, ReadWriteCharArrayBuffer, StringReader

public interface Readable

Readable marks that the implementing class provides character sequence. Readable gives a reference to character sequence from within itself to caller through a CharBuffer parameter of the read method.

Method Summary
 int read(CharBuffer cb)
          Reads the characters into the given CharBuffer.

Method Detail


int read(CharBuffer cb)
         throws IOException
Reads the characters into the given CharBuffer. The maximum number of characters read is CharBuffer.remaining().

cb - the buffer to be filled in by the characters read
the number of characters actually read, or -1 if this Readable reaches its end
IOException - if some I/O operations fail

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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