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Interface Runnable

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbsListView.CheckForTap, ActivityThread.PackageInfo.ReceiverDispatcher.Args, AnimationDrawable, AudioStreamImpl, ConnectionThread, CookieSyncManager, DeleteOnExit, DeviceSpeakerImpl, EmbeddedGrammarImpl, EmbeddedRecognizerImpl, EntryImpl, FutureTask, GrammarImpl, HandlerThread, LoggerImpl, MediaFileReaderImpl, MediaFileWriterImpl, MicrophoneImpl, NativeStart, RefQueueWorker, SrecGrammarImpl, Thread, TimerTask, View.CheckForLongPress, VoicetagItemImpl, VolumePreference, WebSyncManager, WifiMonitor.MonitorThread, WordItemImpl

public interface Runnable

The runnable interface must be implemented by all classes which want to be run as threads.

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Method Summary
 void run()
          Begin doing the active part of the class' code.

Method Detail


void run()
Begin doing the active part of the class' code.

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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