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Class URLClassLoader.SubURLClassLoader

  extended by java.lang.ClassLoader
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by
Enclosing class:

static class URLClassLoader.SubURLClassLoader
extends URLClassLoader

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Field Summary
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extensions, indexes, invalidUrls, orgUrls, urls
Constructor Summary
URLClassLoader.SubURLClassLoader(URL[] urls)
URLClassLoader.SubURLClassLoader(URL[] urls, ClassLoader parent)
Method Summary
protected  Class<?> loadClass(String className, boolean resolveClass)
          Overrides the loadClass() of ClassLoader.
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addURL, addURL, definePackage, explore, findClass, findClassImpl, findInExtensions, findInIndex, findResource, findResourceImpl, findResources, findResources, getPermissions, getURLs, newInstance, newInstance
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defineClass, defineClass
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clearAssertionStatus, defineClass, defineClass, defineClass, defineClass, definePackage, findLibrary, findLoadedClass, findSystemClass, getPackage, getPackages, getParent, getResource, getResourceAsStream, getResources, getSystemClassLoader, getSystemResource, getSystemResourceAsStream, getSystemResources, loadClass, resolveClass, setClassAssertionStatus, setDefaultAssertionStatus, setPackageAssertionStatus, setSigners
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


URLClassLoader.SubURLClassLoader(URL[] urls)


URLClassLoader.SubURLClassLoader(URL[] urls,
                                 ClassLoader parent)
Method Detail


protected Class<?> loadClass(String className,
                             boolean resolveClass)
                      throws ClassNotFoundException
Overrides the loadClass() of ClassLoader. It calls the security manager's checkPackageAccess() before attempting to load the class.

loadClass in class ClassLoader
className - String the name of the class to search for.
resolveClass - boolean indicates if class should be resolved after loading.
the Class object.
ClassNotFoundException - If the class could not be found.

Build 1.0_r1(from source)

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