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Class LogRecord

  extended by java.util.logging.LogRecord
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LogRecord
extends Object
implements Serializable

A LogRecord object represents a logging request. It is passed between the logging framework and individual logging handlers. Client applications should not modify a LogRecord object that has been passed into the logging framework.

The LogRecord class will infer the source method name and source class name the first time they are accessed if the client application didn't specify them explicitly. This automatic inference is based on the analysis of the call stack and is not guaranteed to be precise. Client applications should force the initialization of these two fields by calling getSourceClassName or getSourceMethodName if they expect to use them after passing the LogRecord object to another thread or transmitting it over RMI.

See Also:
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Constructor Summary
LogRecord(Level level, String msg)
          Constructs a LogRecord object using the supplied the logging level and message.
Method Summary
 Level getLevel()
          Gets the logging level.
 String getLoggerName()
          Gets the name of the logger.
 String getMessage()
          Gets the raw message.
 long getMillis()
          Gets the time that the event occurred, in milliseconds since 1970.
 Object[] getParameters()
          Gets the parameters.
 ResourceBundle getResourceBundle()
          Gets the resource bundle used to localize the raw message during formatting.
 String getResourceBundleName()
          Gets the name of the resource bundle.
 long getSequenceNumber()
          Gets the sequence number.
 String getSourceClassName()
          Gets the name of the class that issued the logging call.
 String getSourceMethodName()
          Gets the name of the method that issued the logging call.
 int getThreadID()
          Gets the ID of the thread originating the message.
 Throwable getThrown()
          Gets the Throwable object associated with this log record.
 void setLevel(Level level)
          Sets the logging level.
 void setLoggerName(String loggerName)
          Sets the name of the logger.
 void setMessage(String message)
          Sets the raw message.
 void setMillis(long millis)
          Sets the time that the event occurred, in milliseconds since 1970.
 void setParameters(Object[] parameters)
          Sets the parameters.