Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Package android.inputmethodservice

Base classes for writing input methods.


Interface Summary
KeyboardView.OnKeyboardActionListener Listener for virtual keyboard events.

Class Summary
AbstractInputMethodService AbstractInputMethodService provides a abstract base class for input methods.
ExtractButton Specialization of Button that ignores the window not being focused.
ExtractEditText Specialization of EditText for showing and interacting with the extracted text in a full-screen input method.
IInputMethodWrapper Implements the internal IInputMethod interface to convert incoming calls on to it back to calls on the public InputMethod interface, scheduling them on the main thread of the process.
InputMethodService InputMethodService provides a standard implementation of an InputMethod, which final implementations can derive from and customize.
InputMethodService.Insets Information about where interesting parts of the input method UI appear.
Keyboard Loads an XML description of a keyboard and stores the attributes of the keys.
Keyboard.Key Class for describing the position and characteristics of a single key in the keyboard.
Keyboard.Row Container for keys in the keyboard.
KeyboardView A view that renders a virtual Keyboard.
SoftInputWindow A SoftInputWindow is a Dialog that is intended to be used for a top-level input method window.

Package android.inputmethodservice Description

Base classes for writing input methods. These APIs are not for use by normal applications, they are a framework specifically for writing input method components. Implementations will typically derive from InputMethodService.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread