Why some classes/methods aren’t presented in SDK and DroidDoc…

…but are presented in plain javadoc? As I understand from source the main reason of disappearance is “@hide” tag in javadoc, for example, inner class android.media.MediaRecorder.VideoSource has follow definition in source:

 * Defines the video source. These constants are used with
 * {@link MediaRecorder#setVideoSource(int)}.
 * @hide
public final class VideoSource {
  /* Do not change these values without updating their counterparts
   * in include/media/mediarecorder.h!
    private VideoSource() {}
    public static final int DEFAULT = 0;
    /** Camera video source */
    public static final int CAMERA = 1;

Suppose the DroidDoc doclet hides such members opposite standard javadoc tool. Furthermore, the compiler somehow does ignore such members too. I don’t know how this exactly done but this shouldn’t be mystery because the all build files are available. If I rapidly and fully understand the underlying build code then I share knowledge here.

The another question is “why some code has been hided?” My opinion code temporarily hidden until API finally approval. It’s usual practice in fast-growing platforms.